Winterizing/de-winterizing Services

Winterizing/de-winterizing Services

Winterizing/de-winterizing Services

Winterizing your RV is essential to protect it from the cold and snow. If not properly winterized, you risk expensive repair cost as well as health safety issues. Water lines may freeze and break and they may be difficult to locate and repair. Water heaters can also be damaged if frozen. Electrical systems (batteries) can be drained of energy to the point of no return. Your water systems need to be properly prepared for winter and cleaned for summer usage. If not, you risk possible system contamination of bacteria and mold.

Our winterization service will include: verify AC/furnace/water heaterwater systems/refrigerator/propane systems for proper operation prior to winterization, water system draining and antifreeze installation, battery test and prepare for storage, roof inspection for possible water infiltration points, seal water heater/furnace/refrigerator vents to prevent rodent infestation.

Our de-winterization service will include: Evacuating the antifreeze from the water system, test battery and electrical system, remove vents protections, inspect roof and verify AC/furnace/water heater/water systems/refrigerator/propane systems for proper operation

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